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Mar 2020
Anna from South Africa
The tour was wonderful , the scenery was abundant and at the east coast is amazing. We have seen national parks and grand temples all around Taiwan.
Toroko gorge surpassed our expectations. It is gorgeous. The Sun Moon lake was so beautiful to look at from the hotel and the mineral water bath in every room was a pleasure! The five star hotels were excellent and welcomed at the end of each day.
Eric, our guide, did his best to make our trip enjoyable . Thank you. We also enjoyed our friendly group from all over the world. Highly recommended!
Mar 2020
Laura from US
This tour was so great in many ways. Especially our guide Alan,he made each day on this tour more enjoyable than the last.
He went out of his way every day to make the tour amazing. We had a baggage problem one day and Eric fixed it immediately we didn't even worry.
The hotels, attractions, break-spots were all so enjoyable, fun and varied.
The vehicle was very comfortable and all of the food were great. This tour was the highlight of our Taiwan Holiday and haven't stopped recommending it to everyone we can.
The highlight for us were Taroko Gorge and Sun Moon Lake. Thank you Asia Odyssey Travel for such an unforgettable tour.
Jan 2020
Lily form Australia
Me and my husband booked this 5 day tour during the Chinese New Year and had a wonderful time discovering the island. Mostly thanks to our consultant Kay and wonderful tour guide Zhou. They made the tour was very well organized, bus pick up was always on time, our driver was great (especially on the twisted roads of Taroko National Park!) and all the hotels were great (mostly 5*). But the success of the tour is mostly due to our guide Zhou who was very very helpful. We would have not understood Taiwan's culture without him. He did not only explain the complex history of Taiwan as en ex-colony in an entertaining way but was also very helpful with basic information like "typical fruit of Taiwan"; "what to order at a restaurant"; "what do Taiwanese people eat for Chinese New Year"; "what tea to buy" and so on. He always had great videos or music prepared for when there was too much traffic on the road so we would not get bored - honestly best guide we've ever had on similar tours. Thanks a lot for a great time!
Dec 2019
Emma form Israel
We took this 5-day tour in March and were extremely pleased. The guide, bus amenities, accommodations, etc were excellent. All hotels were 5-star rated and we always looked forward to the end of the day as we knew what was waiting for us would be superb accommodations. Joey was an excellent guide. Not only he was knowledgeable but also a very caring person. We would do this tour over again. Thank you Asia Odyssey Travel for such an amazing tour. Highly recommended!
Nov 2019
Sónia Rego from France
Our 5-day tour was really great! thanks to Leo, our tour guide and Wayne our bus driver along with our fellow tourists whom we had a wonderful time hanging out with during our entire tour. Leo did a great job as a tour guide. He is experienced, knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor. Surprisingly, Taiwan is such a beautiful place with varied abundant attractions to visit along with great foods including all types of different fruits to try. I highly recommend this tour.
Nov 2019
Christopher from Brussels, Belgium
We thoroughly enjoyed this tour of the scenic areas of Taiwan! The tour was well organized, and we had enough time to explore each of the stops. The bus was comfortable with full-time WiFi. Our tour guide Alan did a wonderful job, spoke very good English, and was a caring person. Bathroom stops were frequent and convenient. Lunch and dinner were on our own, often local cuisine which was usually tasty. Alan provided food recommendations. The scenery was beautiful, and we were very well pleased! We came away with a very positive impression of the people and country of Taiwan.
Oct 2019
Melina from London, United Kingdom
We had a great time on the Jiufen and Shifen day tour. The tour was very informative and laid back. We had older people at our party and the pacing of the tour was great for them. They weren't too tired afterward, and they enjoyed the tour very much :)
The weather was beautiful on the day of our tour. It was sunny but not too hot.
We had a lot of fun exploring Jiufen (and trying out different kinds of local food! :) It indeed gives the "Spirited Away" feel/vibe (where it served as an inspiration). The Golden Waterfalls and Shifen Waterfalls were both gorgeous. You can take photos from all angles. The release of sky lantern from the Shifen railway was also an experience definitely worth a try.
We highly recommend Asia Odyssey Travel ,Bill our guide is warm and friendly, and very knowledgeable. The tour arrangements was very smooth -- from when I contacted our agent Tony inquiry to giving us tips after the tour has finished.
Thanks again for showing us a wonderful time (and for the tips too! )
Oct 2019
Vicky from New Zealand
Very professionally organized tour. A wonderful experience, which offered so many fabulous wonderful moments. An amazing coastline , a busy Jiufen street walking, an unforgettable time at the QingYun Temple and - as hoped - a successful Sky Lantern highlight!
the tour guide Bill , was a rich resource of information and a friendly host.
I highly recommend this tour.
Sep 2019
Ridz from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This time last year, we were in beautiful Taiwan enjoying a fantastic holiday after completing a work commitment. Oh how I would love to be doing the same now! I was disorganised preparing for the trip, so contacted Asia Odyssey Travel to help us plan the holiday part of our travel. Daria was our agent and she did a great job! She made it so easy. Our personal guide, who stayed with us throughout the 8 day trip that Daria arranged for us, was Jerry Hung. Jerry was great - I can thoroughly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable, sensitive to our needs (my husband uses a walking stick and so is a bit slow walking), and flexible to modify our plans when the weather took a turn for the worst on day 1! I can't recommend Asia Odyssey Travel , Daria and Jerry highly enough, and would very happily use them again.
Aug 2019
Marieluise from Germany
To say that Jack did an awesome job is an understatement. My friends and I had fun hearing stories and interesting history facts. We even were asked to try their bitter tea and stinky toufu. It was something. The Longshan Temple was breathtaking in architecture and history. If we had more time, we would not have minded taking their other terrking tours.
Jul 2019
Craig from Edinburgh, UK
My wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary at Sun Moon Lake. We could not have chosen a better place! Thanks to Nancy ,our agent to help us plan this tour.
The scenery were pleasant! The lake and the surrounding tree filled mountains are absolutely magnificent.
After a leisurely walk, we took a cruise on the lake and, then, a cable car ride up the mountain.
All in all, a unforgettable experience. One regret.. we didn't stay longer!
Jul 2019
Ellen from Sydney, Australia
I'm so glad that I found Asia Odyssey Travel when I was organizing and planning my Taiwan trip with my partner. Not only were they wheelchair friendly, they were also very LGBQT+ friendly. Our tour guide Kevin was exceptional,very knowledgeable on many topics as well as being very accommodating my disability needs. We traveled all around Taiwan on a 7 day tour. The accommodations were the best. All accessible rooms were in the best locations. They are very knowledgeable on wheelchair accessible entries to all the places that we wanted to see. My partner and I were very glad that we left the worrying to Asia Odyssey Travel and just purely enjoyed the long vacation. We didn't have to worry about timing, transportation, parking, dealing with accessibility, etc. From the first day to the last, even accompanied us to the airport and making sure we got our GAT tax refund and properly checked in at the airline before saying our goodbyes. I would highly recommend this travel agency as every penny was well spent.
Jul 2019
Carol G from Canada
Initially I was most enamored by amazing mountainous scenery being so close to the city (50 min or so). But quickly our tour guide trumped the scenery. He was so knowledgeable, friendly and personable. We had 4 total folks in our group--which was a pleasant surprise.
Both Juifen and Pingxi were extremely beautiful-but equally touristy. I wish we had visited 10 years ago.
Though completely touristy, We had a lot of fun exploring Jiufen,I very much enjoyed the lantern building and release. Bonus that it had some historical significance. I highly recommend this tour!
Jun 2019
Meir K from Israel
Our tour guide Denny related to our family of five with young adults well and we appreciated his advice on what to do and where to go around Taipei during travel times. he took good care of us and we had a memorable time.
Would I use Asia Odyssey Travel again? Yes, definitely and I would book early.
Jun 2019
Joyce from Canada
I only had a short time before traveling on to Hualien, so thought it would be good to see a few places in a short time while I was in Taipei. Although compressed into one day, I felt there was plenty of time at each stop to take things in. Personally, I would have liked to spend more time at Yehliu and less at the other locations, but that is a matter of personal taste as I prefer seeing the natural world over shopping, etc. The Geopark was magnificent, hard to believe that I live on the other side of the same ocean, it is so different. Jiufen and Shifen were also enjoyable, particularly Jiufen which, once you get to the top of all those stairs offers some amazing views. Our guide Leon was pleasant, helpful and excellent. I will recommend him for sure to anyone who is looking for a fun tour of Taiwan!
Apr 2019
Susanna from Singapore
This was a fabulous way to take in some memorable sights in the Taroko National Park. Our guide Jimmy Lin was so knowledgeable, he was able to give details about the history of Taiwan and descriptions of the areas we passed as we traveled to Taroko and he spoke good English. Jimmy was really helpful, had a great attitude, and demonstrated that he was passionate about his role as a guide. Without him, the whole journey would not have been such a great experience. He went above and beyond what we expected. The areas we traveled to were amazing. Definitely a great experience and I would recommend it for first time visitors to Taiwan.
Mar 2019
Andrew from Korea
We did the Taroko Gorge tour. Booking experience was great ,our Agent Nancy offered very informative and helpful in regards to what to bring and local amenities.
Our tour guide, Allen, was absolutely fantastic. He is very passionate about Taiwan and the Gorge itself, sharing many interesting stories about the rich heritage of the area. Should I book again I would ask for Allen personally. Thank you Asia Odyssey Travel for such an amazing tour.
Jan 2019
Edward from Jakarta
The Gorge itself is a truly magnificent place with many interesting features and stories. It is a place that makes you feel the enormity of what nature itself can do.
Highly recommend this to all that have not been before.
Kelly was an excellent tour guide ,She made the tour was very well organized.
Dec 2018
Michiel form Amsterdam, The Netherlands
We were a party of 4 senior citizens on a 12 day trip of Taiwan. Donna and her colleagues have done their best to show us the beauty of the island. Trip well organized and timed, allowed for our advanced age and abilities. Donna are very knowledgeable and intelligent. They are the best ambassadors of goodwill the Taiwanese people have, we strongly recommend Donna and her company for a joyful. unforgettable and intelligent experience
Nov 2018
Elaine C form Malaysia
Signed up for private tour basically because of mum and dad who are in their 70s, The spots we went within the national park are mostly flat. Asia Odyssey Travel Kevin took good care of us during the trip. He is very friendly , Always with a service-oriented focus and full of knowledge.he gave us some historical background of Hualien and explained lots of relevant info regarding the national park. We were able to take our time at the spots we visited. Taroko is a must do while you're at Hualien, great tour with great service. We've enjoyed it very much.
Oct 2018
Rubee from Australia
We booked a private tour with Asia Odyssey Travel and loved it! Jeff is our guide, he is really nice, knowledgeable, and professional and speaks really good English. My 7 year old son was along for the tour and had no problem keeping up. The trails were easy but really pretty. We had a unforgettable time and would highly recommend this tour.
Sep 2018
Jim D from US
We cannot say enough about this tour and our fabulous guide, Jason. He made the tour fascinating, stimulating and yet easy. Jason’s knowledge of this magnificent region’s geography, history, local culture and hiking trails was superb. We saw every gorgeous location I’d read about and then some additional ones known only to locals.
This tour brought us to one of the world’s most fabulous and fascinating natural locations. It’s hard to believe it isn’t better known! Asia Odyssey is a very professional agency they offer the best tour of this region. It was GORGEOUS!
Jul 2018
Neil from United Kingdom
Our guide Jack was friendly and service minded, the tour was convenient and I enjoyed it very much. Several scenic stops along the way, where the waterfalls and Jiufen village were the highlights in my opinion. The Golden Waterfalls and Shifen Waterfalls were both gorgeous, A very comfortable way to get around the north side of the island and explore outside of Taipei.

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