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8 Days Classic Taiwan Round Tour

8 Days Classic Taiwan Round Tour

    • Sun Moon Lake: Discover the beauty of Sun Moon Lake, visiting key attractions like Xuanguang Temple, Ci en Pagoda, and the iconic Nine Frogs Statues.
    • Alishan Forest Recreation Area: Experience the enchanting Alishan Forest Recreation Area, renowned for its ancient cypress trees and breathtaking sunrise views.
    • Cingjing Farm: Enjoy the pastoral charm of Cingjing Farm, surrounded by lush greenery.
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  • D1  Please make your way to the designated hotel for assembly

    Taiwan is a place rich in diverse travel experiences. Here, you can find various exciting themes, including delicious cuisine, historical and cultural attractions, bustling shopping centers, ecology, railways, forests, hot springs, and indigenous culture, among others.

    台北Taipei: the capital of Taiwan, was ranked 2nd on Lonely Planet's list of the top 10 best travel cities worldwide in 2022. It is a city that harmoniously blends modernity with tradition. You can witness the coexistence of a vibrant urban atmosphere, towering skyscrapers, and thriving historic temples. If your flight arrives early, you can head to Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taipei, to enjoy a panoramic view of the city streets. Alternatively, you can explore the city's delicious local street snacks in the evening, such as pearl milk tea, fried chicken fillet, stinky tofu, and more, and embark on a delightful journey on this beautiful island.

    Travel Tips:

    Transportation: Our staff will contact you in advance, so please ensure your phone is accessible and provide contact information for instant messaging platforms such as Line, WeChat, or WhatsApp. The travel agency will inform you in advance about the hotel check-in process, and you can directly check-in and rest at the hotel.(Please inform the hotel it’s booked by DEKS AIR HOLIDAY Travel Agency) If you haven't received any notifications, please promptly contact the travel agency staff to assist you. (Details can be found in the departure notice)

    Meals: None

    Accommodation: Taipei Hotel

    • Taipei 101
      Taipei 101
    • pearl milk tea
      pearl milk tea
  • D2  Qingshui Cliff > Taroko National Park (East-West Cross-Island Highway Arch, Changchun Shrine, Shanyue Suspension Bridge, Jiuqudong Cave.) > Hotel Check-in.

    After enjoying breakfast today, we will set off to witness the world-renowned natural wonder, the breathtaking Taroko Gorge, where Mother Nature's masterpieces unfold. Established in 1986, Taroko National Park spans across Hualien, Nantou, and Taichung. The park features towering peaks and almost vertical gorges formed by the long-term erosion of marble by the Liwu River, combined with the continuous uplifting of the earth's crust. The park's elevation difference from Qingshui to Nanhu peaks reaches 3,742 meters, creating a diverse and complex vegetation landscape and providing a habitat for various wildlife.

    *Due to geological conditions, Taroko National Park is prone to rockfalls. Please do not venture alone or stay in rockfall areas, and follow the safety instructions given by the tour guide.

    東西橫貫公路牌樓 East-West Cross-Island Highway Arch: As a symbol of Taiwan's first transversal road, the Central Cross-Island Highway, the government built an arch inscribed with "東西橫貫公路" (East-West Cross-Island Highway) - hence it is also known as the Taroko Central Cross-Island Highway Arch. This road is commonly referred to as the "Central Cross-Island Highway."

    長春祠 Changchun Shrine: From here, you can enjoy a distant view of the Changchun Waterfall and pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during the construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway. This serene shrine stands amidst the lush mountain valleys, with cascading waterfalls creating a harmonious and picturesque scene.

    Please be cautious of the unstable terrain in this area, as rockfalls or collapses may occur. Pay attention to the surroundings during the visit, and do not attempt to enter if there is any sign of falling rocks.

    *The path from Changchun Shrine to the Taroko Tower involves steep stairs made of cement, which can become slippery when wet. Please be mindful of your steps.

    *For those who are not feeling well or have heart conditions, please carefully consider walking on the steep sections of the trail.

    九曲洞 Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns): This is one of the most magnificent sections of Taroko Gorge, with a 700-meter-long trail that requires retracing your steps. The trail runs closely along the deep mountain valley, offering a breathtaking view of the Liwu River's rushing waters below. The towering cliffs on both sides and the dramatic landscape leave visitors in awe. In addition to the gorge itself, pay attention to the fascinating geological features on the marble walls, such as faults, joints, and folds, as well as the resilient rock-dwelling plants. The Jiuqudong is a popular recreational path suitable for the general public and serves as an outdoor geological classroom.

    部落灣管理站 Puloh Wan Management Station: Puloh Wan Terrace is a large, two-tiered river terrace downstream of the Liwu River. In the Taroko language, Taroko means "the place of tracing hunting." This area used to be a settlement of the Taroko tribe. Today, the Taroko National Park Headquarters has established a management station here, which incorporates indigenous cultural elements into the park. The station provides tourist information, multimedia presentations, and consultation services. On the left side of the station, you'll find the Taroko Tribe Craft Exhibition Hall, showcasing exquisite works of art made by the Taroko people, such as weaving and rattan crafts. The second floor of the exhibition hall houses a souvenir shop. For lunch, we have arranged an authentic mountain delicacy meal at the Tianxiang Rest Area. In addition to the usual stir-fried noodles and rice commonly found on flatlands, you can savor highland delicacies like bamboo shoots soup or locally made millet wine sausages, as well as fresh mountain vegetables unique to the highland region.

    Special Reminders:

    Due to the geological landscape and weather conditions, specific areas within the Taroko National Park may occasionally be closed for visitation due to rockfalls or other factors. In such cases, alternative arrangements will be made based on the day's situation. Thank you for your understanding.

    Meals: Breakfast   

    Accommodation: Hualien Hotel

    • East-West Cross-Island Highway Arch
      East-West Cross-Island Highway Arch
    • Jiuqudong
  • D3  Hualien > Guangfu Sugar Factory > Matai'an Wetland >Chishang's Mr. Brown Avenue (including bicycle rental) > Hotel Check-in

    馬太鞍溼地 Fataan Wetland (Mataian Wetland): Mataian, a traditional area of the Amis tribe, was once covered with Cajanus cajan trees, hence its name ("vataan" in Amis language, meaning Cajanus cajan). The indigenous Amis people residing here developed the "Palakaw" ecological fishing technique. This method involves creating a three-tiered structure using hollow bamboo and branches, which are then placed in water ponds. This structure provides a habitat that attracts fish and shrimp, allowing small fish to freely enter and exit. After a period of time, the branches of the nine-leafed Chinese chestnut tree are lifted out of the water, causing the small shrimp clinging to the branches to fall into a triangular fishing net. Additionally, the large bamboo tube placed at the bottom easily captures bottom-dwelling fish such as eels, and loaches. The Amis people adhere to the principle of sustainable fishing, demonstrating their profound understanding of their environment and showcasing their life wisdom. From May to August, the wetland blossoms with lotus and water lilies. The T-shaped wooden walkway leads visitors through this romantic floral paradise. The observation deck offers panoramic views of the wetland.

    光復糖廠 Hualien Sugar Factory (Guangfu Sugar Factory): In 1913, the "East Taiwan Sugar Manufacturing Company" established the "Hualien Port Sugar Manufacturing Plant" in Shoufeng Township, Hualien County. By 1921, the Dahe Factory (now Guangfu Sugar Factory) was founded in Guangfu to increase sugar production, meeting the military's demand at that time. However, during World War II, both sugar factories were bombed and damaged by the American forces. Subsequently, Taiwan Sugar Corporation took over, gradually restoring and transforming them into the tourist-oriented sugar factories we see today. Beside the sugar factory, there is a row of neatly arranged Japanese-style dormitories, one of the few remaining groups of Japanese wooden architecture in Taiwan. These hinoki wood houses, originally employee dormitories from the Japanese colonial era, are still well-preserved. Having endured decades, they exude a strong nostalgic charm, offering guests the opportunity to experience the elegance and grace of traditional Japanese wooden houses.

    池上伯朗大道Mr. Brown Avenue in Chishang, Taitung: Officially known as Jin-Xin No.3 Road, stretches approximately 2.2 kilometers. It's famous for its unobstructed, straight path with no electric poles on either side. During the rice harvest season, the road is bordered by endless, golden rice fields swaying in the wind, creating a serene pastoral scene. This picturesque setting was chosen by Mr. Brown Coffee for an advertisement shoot. Subsequently, it gained further fame when a well-known celebrity representing EVA Air also shot here, leading to its popular nickname, "Mr. Brown Avenue."

    *The golden rice fields are typically at their peak around May to June, and from late October to early November each year. During the fallow period, the tour will be redirected to Luye Longtian.

    Special Attention:

    Mr. Brown Avenue is under year-round control and is only accessible by bicycle or on foot. The tour price includes standard bicycle riding. If you wish to upgrade to a different type of bike or an electric bike, you will need to pay the additional cost.

    Please be well-prepared for sun protection and hydration to prevent heatstroke.

    Meals: Breakfast   Lunch  

    Accommodation: Taitung Hotel

    • Fataan Wetland
      Fataan Wetland
    • Chishang's Mr. Brown Avenue
      Chishang's Mr. Brown Avenue
  • D4  Taitung > Duoliang Station > South Link Highway > Kaohsiung Pop Music Center > Kaohsiung Port Dagang Bridge > Hotel Check-in

    As you travel along Route 9, entering the four townships of Nanhuai in the Southern Cross-Island Highway, you'll be greeted by the vast and boundless sea and the deep blue sky, connecting as one on the far horizon. One of the famous attractions on the Southern Cross-Island Highway is the "South Link Highway," where the famous spot "Nanhui Haitian Yixian南迴海天一線" offers a magnificent view. Due to the heavy traffic on this stretch of the road, parking is not allowed on both sides. Drivers will slow down to allow passengers to enjoy the scenery from the comfort of their vehicles.

    多良車站 Duoliang Station: located in Taimali, Taitung County, was originally the site of the Paiwan tribe's 'Dalaradan' community. During the Japanese colonial era, it was renamed 'Dodoran', a charming name that brings a smile to one's face. When the South-Link Railway was established, the name was simplified to 'Duoliang'. Duoliang Station was originally built on a hillside, with tunnels at both ends. Uniquely, its roof was transformed into an observation deck. Standing on the platform, one can gaze at an expanse of azure blue, with mountains lying beside, creating a breathtaking scene where the mountains and sea intertwine, offering a truly refreshing and uplifting view.

    南迴公路South Link Highway: The "South Link Highway" project, which took 15 years to complete, is located at the southern end of Route 9. The project was finished at the end of 2019, shortening the travel time between Taitung's Xianglan(台東香蘭) and Pingtung's Caopu(屏東草埔) by 30 minutes, making the journey between East and South Pingtung much more convenient. The "South Link Highway" is renowned as "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Road."

    高雄Kaohsiung: Welcome to Kaohsiung, the largest city in Southern Taiwan. Benefiting from a maritime climate, it enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year, providing a pleasant and unique "Maritime Capital" experience. In recent years, Kaohsiung has vigorously promoted its tourism industry, becoming one of the most beautiful cities in Taiwan.

    高雄流行音樂中心Kaohsiung Music Center: is located at the heart of Kaohsiung's Asia New Bay Area. It was designed by a Spanish architectural team in collaboration with a Taiwanese team, incorporating ocean elements to create unique building structures. It serves as the core venue for pop music performances in Southern Taiwan and is also an international-level music and cultural landmark, highlighting pop music as its centerpiece while inheriting maritime culture and creating a new music and leisure base.

    高雄港大港橋Great Harbor Bridge: is situated at Dayi Road in the Yancheng District, under the third shipyard of Kaohsiung Port. It is Asia's longest cross-harbor swing bridge, capable of completing a horizontal rotation in just three minutes. Designed and constructed independently by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation, the project also includes the surrounding waterfront protection facilities, wharf reinforcement, and landscape engineering. Located near the North End of the Asia New Bay Area, close to the Kaohsiung Light Rail Dayi Pier-2 Station, the bridge serves as an essential puzzle piece in the northern waterfront area, connecting the Pier-2 Art Center and Kaohsiung Port Warehouse Cluster, shaping Kaohsiung's waterfront tourism corridor.

    Meals: Breakfast   

    Accommodation: Kaohsiung Hotel

    • Duoliang Station
      Duoliang Station
    • Kaohsiung Music Center
      Kaohsiung Music Center
  • D5  Kaohsiung > Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum > Hinoki Village > Wenhua Road night market > Check-in

    From the east coast, we arrived at Kaohsiung, the largest city on Taiwan's west side. After breakfast, we'll start today's itinerary.

    佛光山佛陀紀念館 The Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum was completed at the end of 2011 and is an official member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The museum attracts millions of visitors annually, making it a must-see destination for travelers. It was ranked as the number one attraction in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, by the world's largest travel website, TripAdvisor, receiving the "2014 Travelers' Choice Award." The most distinctive feature of the Buddha Museum is the world's largest and tallest sitting Buddha – the Fo Guang Big Buddha. The complex also includes the Three Good Deeds Children's Pavilion, the Four Givings Stupa Cultural Square, the Five Harmonies Stupa House of Joy, as well as activities like sutra copying and prayers in the Double Pavilion and the Tea and Chan (Zen) Experience. The museum primarily houses the sacred relic of the true body of Sakyamuni Buddha. In addition to the main hall, there are permanent exhibitions, galleries, and the Great Awakening Hall, which can accommodate 2,000 people and regularly hosts art performances and international forums.

    檜意森活村 Hinoki Village: in Taiwan is the first forest-themed cultural and creative park in the country. Its history dates back to the Japanese colonial era when the official forestry operations began in Alishan. To develop the forest resources of Alishan, the Governor-General's office started constructing facilities such as the Alishan Forest Railway, including employee dormitories. In 2009, these Japanese-style dormitories were restored, allowing visitors to step back in time amidst the tranquil atmosphere and the soothing scent of cypress wood, preserving and continuing the historical legacy through innovative storytelling. Hinoki Village is also home to famous Chiayi specialties and crafts, including Hua Guo Tsun cosmetics, Wang Lai Mountain products, Fu Yi Xuan, and the Rush Weaving Workshop, among others, satisfying all your souvenir needs in one visit.

    嘉義 Chiayi, the starting point of the Alishan Forest Railway, thrived in the past due to forestry development. As a result of its early history, the city retains many historical sites, forming important tourism resources. Regarding local specialties, Chiayi is known for turkey rice, square biscuits, Alishan Yokan, snowflake cake, small mantou (steamed buns), sweet potatoes, and pineapple cakes. Regarding cultural activities, the painting was famous during the Japanese colonial period, earning the title "City of Paintings," with notable figures such as Chen Cheng-po(陳澄波). In recent years, the International Band Festival and Wake up Music Festival have become prominent events. Chiayi City is the first and currently the only city in Taiwan to have fully electrified and low-floor buses in its public transportation system.

    Meals: Breakfast   

    Accommodation: Chiayi Hotel

    • Fo Guang Shan
      Fo Guang Shan
    • Hinoki Village
      Hinoki Village
  • D6  Chiayi Hotel > Alishan Forest Recreation Area > Sun Moon Lake > Hotel Check-in.

    阿里山森林遊樂園區 The Alishan National Forest Recreation Area: boasts five unique attractions: the Forest Railway, Divine Trees, Sea of Clouds, Sunrise, and Cherry Blossoms. It is Taiwan's most renowned and beloved forest recreation area, a shimmering emerald gem on the Alishan mountain range radiating with dazzling brilliance. Depending on individual physical strength and preferences, you can choose a different route.

    Route A: Zhaoping Train Station, Sisters Pond, Four Sisters, Happiness from Golden Pig, Eternal Love, Mulan Garden, Shouzheng Temple(You can purchase tickets on your own to take the park train or shuttle bus to Zhaoping Station. From there, you can stroll downhill to the Shouzhen Temple. After visiting, you have the option to take the park shuttle bus back to the Visitor Center or continue on to the B line.)

    Route B: Shouzheng Temple, Three Generations Tree, Alishan Museum, Xiang-lin Elementary School, Ci-yun Temple, Alishan Sacred Tree (You can buy tickets on your own to take the park shuttle bus to Shouzhen Temple. From there, enjoy a leisurely walk among the sacred tree groves. You can then take the park train from the Alishan Sacred Tree site back to Alishan Station.)

    日月潭Sun Moon Lake: is a beautiful mountain lake and the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan, situated at an elevation of 748 meters and covering an area of 116 square kilometers. The beauty of Sun Moon Lake is a harmonious blend of mountains and water, like a picturesque landscape painting. The misty water and distinct layers of changing mountain scenery create a natural and poetic ambiance, earning it a reputation as one of Taiwan's Eight Scenic Spots. The Sun Moon Lake Round-the-Lake Road was selected by CNN's lifestyle travel website CNNGO as one of the world's top ten most beautiful bike paths. If you have enough time, you can also arrange to experience the approximately 400-meter-long "water biking trail" and enjoy cycling alongside the lake or even try a boat ride on the water.

    Meals: Breakfast   Lunch  

    Accommodation: Sun Moon Lake Hotel

    • Alishan
    • Sun Moon Lake
      Sun Moon Lake
  • D7  Hotel > Sun Moon Lake (Boat Tour) > Dimu Temple > Cona’s Chocolate > ChingJing

    日月潭 Sun Moon Lake: is a beautiful high-altitude lake and the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan, situated at an elevation of 748 meters and covering an area of 116 square kilometers. The beauty of Sun Moon Lake is a harmonious blend of mountains and water, creating picturesque landscapes. The misty waters and the clear, layered mountain scenery give it a poetic and picturesque quality, earning it a reputation as one of Taiwan's top eight scenic wonders. The Sun Moon Lake Cycling Road has been recognized by CNNGO, a lifestyle and travel website under CNN, as one of the top ten most beautiful cycling routes in the world. If time allows, you can also experience the approximately 400-meter-long "Water Bicycle Path" here, offering a sensation akin to cycling on water. For quick travel around the lake, the best option is to take a lake cruise. While on the boat, you can enjoy the lakeside scenery and listen to interesting narrations by the captain, who offers insights into the local sights and history. The boats travel in a counterclockwise direction. There are three major piers at Sun Moon Lake: Shuishe Pier, Xuanguang Temple Pier, and Ita Thao Pier, with boats traveling counterclockwise (Shuishe Pier → Xuanguang Temple Pier → Ita Thao Pier → Shuishe Pier). The boat ticket is a day pass, allowing unlimited rides within a day.

    寶湖宮天地堂地母廟 Puli's highly popular Instagram landmark, the "Dimu Temple," is revered as the deity governing the earth and mountains. She is one of the Four Imperial Lords in Taoism, ranking alongside the Jade Emperor, who rules the heavens. The ancient saying "Heaven is yang and Earth is yin; there is the Lord of Heaven and the Earth Mother" reflects this belief. This reverence for the Earth Mother, along with the respect for the heavens, originates from humanity's deep veneration for the land and nature.

    妮娜巧克力城堡 Cona’s Chocolate Castle: Originating from Qingjing in Nantou, Cona's Nina Chocolate initially started as a chocolate workshop nestled in the high mountains at 1755 meters, aiming to share the deliciousness of chocolate with more people. In July 2018, "Cona's Nina Chocolate Dream Castle" was established in the Taomi Community of Puli, Nantou. The castle features a magnificent design that combines European medieval architecture with the opulence of Rococo from the Middle Ages, creating a unique six-sense experience. The castle offers educational fun through facilities like light sculpture shows and interactive chocolate knowledge walls, embodying the spirit of learning through play. It's a perfect destination for families, friends, and Instagram influencers to explore this beautiful castle!

    Meals: Breakfast   Dinner

    Accommodation: Cingjing B&B

    • Sun Moon Lake
      Sun Moon Lake
    • Dimu Temple
      Dimu Temple
  • D8  Chingjing Farm Qingqing Grassland > Chinjing Skywalk > Return to Taipei

    清境農場-青青草原Green Green Grassland (Qing Qing Grassland) at Cingjing Farm: Cingjing Farm covers an area of 378 hectares and sits at an elevation between 1,700 and 2,100 meters. Apart from abundant harvests of peaches, apples, kiwifruit, and other fruits, it also boasts unique natural landscapes, offering different sceneries throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy blooming flowers in spring, escape the summer heat, admire autumn maple leaves, and appreciate snowy vistas in winter. With vast grasslands surrounded by mountains and flocks of sheep, the farm exudes a distinct New Zealand vibe. The park features numerous European-style buildings and is often enshrouded in drifting mist, adding to its exotic ambiance.

    清境高空景觀步道 Skywalk: The Qingjing SkyWalk is known as the trail closest to the sky. Located at an elevation of approximately 1700 to 2000 meters, it spans 1.6 kilometers in length and 2.5 meters in width, connecting the existing trail starting from the Qingjing Guest House to the end at the Green Green Grassland Story House. The trail is designed as a concealed elevated walkway, moving away from the road, crossing over grasslands, and weaving through the treetops. Travelers can enjoy the sight of sheep grazing on the grass and birds hopping among the treetops. After completing the journey, we will return to Taipei, concluding our 8-day round-the-island trip. If you need an extra night's stay in Taipei, please inform your travel consultant when booking your itinerary. Thank you.

    Meals: Breakfast   Lunch  

    Accommodation: None

    • Chingjing Farm
      Chingjing Farm
    • Chingjing Farm
      Chingjing Farm

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