How long does it take to travel around Taiwan?

November,25 2022 BY

You need to spend at least two weeks to drive around Taiwan. Taiwan has so much to explore! From tropical forests to beautiful coastlines, tranquil mountains, hidden waterfalls and vibrant cities.

But if you can't stay as long as 2 weeks, I would like to provide you the following two suggestions:

An immersion tour in eastern Taiwan.

If you like primitive mountains and beautiful coasts, Hualien and Taitung in Taiwan are worthy of staying for a few more days. It is a good choice to arrange a tour of eastern Taiwan for about 8 days.


We drove from Taipei to Hualien along the beautiful east coast of Taiwan on the beautiful Suhua Highway. We will pass the most beautiful coastline in Taiwan and Qingshui Cliff, one of the eight wonders of Taiwan.

Accommodation in Hualien.

Day2 to Day 5

We will travel in depth in Taitung and Hualien. In addition to visiting the local aboriginal tribes and making local food with them, we can also visit coffee farms and have a good time in the cafes by the Pacific Ocean. There are many scenic spots on the east coast. We will pass many quiet and beautiful towns, Chishang rice fields, where the best rice in Taiwan is produced - Chishang rice. Or we will pick up stones on the coast of Qixingtan all afternoon.

qixingtan beach

qixingtan beach

Day 6

Today, we will spend a whole day in Taroko Gorge and experience the thrilling and magnificent Zhuilu Ancient Trail. It will take about 6 hours with the trail of 10.3 kilometers length. Then stay in the hotel in Taroko.

Day 7 to Day 8 Hualien - Jiaoxi Yilan

Qinbuzhizi Cliffs - the only sea glass trail in Taiwan. Look at the magnificent Pacific Ocean, challenge your courage. Then go north to Jiaoxi to enjoy hot springs which dating from the Japanese colonial era. Visit Yilan’s famous local whiskey distillery and folk museum before back to Taipei.

2. Another suggestion is to arrange 1 or 2 landmark scenic spots in the northern, central, southern and eastern of Taiwan. Although it is not an in-depth tour, it can also have a basic understanding of Taiwan.

The 8-day tour itinerary is as follows.

Day 1 Taipei: National Palace Museum,Yehliu Geopark, released sky lanterns in Pingxi

Day 2 Taipei - Hualien Taroko: Qingshui Cliff, Qixingtan Coastal Scenic Area, Taroko Gorge

Day 3 Hualien - Taitung: Sanxiantai, Shitiping, Jialulan Coastal Park, Chishang Avenue

Day 4 Taitung - Kenting: Baisha Bay, Longpan Park, Maobitou Coastal Park

Day 5 Kenting - Kaohsiung: Cijin, Xiziwan, the former British Consulate

Day 6 Kaohsiung - Tainan: Fo Guang Shan Temple, Confucian Temple, Anping Castle

Day 7 Sun Moon Lake, Mount Hehuan, Cingjing Farm

Day 8 Cingjing Farm - Taipei

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