Ten Famous Trails in Taiwan

November,25 2022 BY Taiwantours.com.tw

Taiwan is a mountainous island. In an area of less than 36,000 square kilometers, there are more than 268 peaks above 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) above sea level. It is one of the islands with the highest density of mountains in the world. Japan, which is ten times larger than Taiwan, has only a dozen or so. Let’s put aside the familiar horizon and climb the mountain!

1. Zhuilu Ancient Trail - located in Hualien

One of the most exciting cliff hikes on Taroko Gorge in Hualien. Rich in history and stunning vistas overlooking a deep marble valley cut by the Liwu River, this trail is a must-see when visiting Taroko Gorge in Taiwan.

2. Shakadeng Trail - located in Hualien

The Shakadang Trail is about 4.1 kilometers long from the entrance to Sanjianwu. It leans against the Shakadang River, forming a majestic canyon with clear streams, beautiful rock folds and lush forests; along the trail there used to be many settlement of the aborigines, which make the Shakazeng trail combining with ecological and cultural.

3. Yushan Hiking Trail - located in Chiayi

Yushan is the highest peak in Northeast Asia, with an altitude of 3952 meters. It is located in the central mountain range. It is one of the few areas in Taiwan that still preserves its original features. This is a real adventure trip. Along the way, you will see the most primitive and beautiful mountain scenery in Taiwan, deep valleys, natural vegetation changes with altitude, from subtropical, temperate to frigid, forests change sequentially. There are many wild animals to observe. You will never forget it! However, due to the need to apply for a mountain pass, it must be booked at least 2 months in advance, otherwise it will not be possible.

4. Wangyou Valley Coastal Trail - located in Keelung

If you want to see both the mountains and the sea, I recommend you to take a walk along the Wangyou Valley Coastal Trail. Walking along the trail, you can see the green grassy Wangyou Valley, the choppy Keelung Islet and the layers of mountains. Going further down, you can also go to the intertidal zone to appreciate ancient fossils, cute shrimp soldiers and crab generals, and observe special sea erosion terrain. In addition to looking at the mountains and the sea, the ridged pavilion 101 highland on the Wangyou Valley Trail, it is also an excellent place to enjoy the sunrise, sunset and night scenes.

5. Bitoujiao Trail - located in New Taipei City

Bitoujiao Trail is about 3.5 kilometers long and the whole walking time takes about 2 to 3 hours. It is a beautiful hiking route. Visitors can walk along the ridge and enjoy the magnificent scenery in all directions. Bitoujiao Trail is divided into three sections: "Bitoujiao Lighthouse Trail", "Bitoujiao Ridge Valley Trail" and "Bitoujiao Coastal Trail". Hiking here is like climbing over the mountain ridge on the headland. You can climb up and overlook the coast of the northeast corner and enjoy the rich and varied sea erosion geological landscape.

6. Hehuan Mountain Trail - located in Nantou

Located in Hehuan Mountain, Nantou County, along the most beautiful mountain road in Taiwan, you can drive to Wuling, the highest point of the road, at an altitude of 3275 meters. There are 4 peaks over 3400 meters nearby. This is the most accessible mountain in Taiwan. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the Hehuan Mountains. There are always crowds of people every holidays.

7. Alishan National Park - located in Chiayi

There are many trails in Alishan National Park. In addition to the well-known Alishan Sleeping Moon line, there are two trails such as Eryanping Trail and Dalongding Trail that some foreigners don’t know, but worth visiting. Due to the terrain and the climate, it is often surrounded by clouds and mist, so it is very suitable for growing tea, with beautiful tea gardens along the way.

Alishan National Park

Alishan National Park

8. Dalun Mountain Ginkgo Tea Plantation Trail- located in Nantou

The Dalun Mountain Ginkgo Tea Garden Trail is located in Lugu, Nantou, at an altitude of about 1250 to 1500 meters. You can enjoy the largest ginkgo forest in Taiwan scattered among the tea gardens. Against the background of the blue sky and green tea gardens, the ginkgo trees look golden and shiny. If you are tired of walking, you can go to the tea garden to drink ginkgo tea and oolong tea for free, or dine in the landscape restaurant and enjoy the scenery of the tea garden.

9. Seven Star Mountain Trail

Located in Yangmingshan Park in Taipei City, it is a medium-intensity hiking trail. Some people say there are beautiful scenery worth stopping to take pictures every ten minutes in Qixing Mountain, describing the rich natural landscape of this trail. Qixing Mountain is full of a natural geological. The small oil pit and the big oil pit are excellent places to learn about volcanic topography. Climb to the main peak of Qixing, you can have a 360-degree view of Beishi, North Coast and other places, which making Qixing Mountain very popular among climbers.

10. Alangyi Historic Trail

It is the oldest and well-preserved ancient trail in Taiwan and it has not been disturbed by humans for a long time. Therefore, it has preserved Taiwan's last coastal virgin forest and many unique creatures. Coming here, it feels like walking into a pure land on earth.

Alangyi Historic Trail has many precious and unique features. In addition to being a trail to enjoy the scenery of the coastline, it is also the last habitat of green sea turtles and coconut crabs, which are protected animals. In addition, a large area of beautiful gravel beaches will follow. There is a special sound made by the waves, and there are also ancient tribes and prehistoric cultural sites of aboriginal culture. For Taiwan, this is a trail worth cherishing forever.

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